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Welcome Summer 2012!

What a glorious day it is! The sun is shining on a canopy of a blue sky, the birds are chirping and I feel very lucky and thrilled to see and hear His Lovely Creations.

The Panchatantra project with St. Paul Civic Symphony and Art Start, the Carnatic Star competition, CS Finale concert with Sri Srimushnam Raja Rao, Festival of Nations 2012, Hosmer Library concert with Nagai Sri Sriram and Tanjavur Sri Murugaboopathi and the performance with the Naadha Rasa ensemble at the Ordway's Flint Hills International Festival on June 3rd have all been wonderful learning experiences. Thanks to all of you who came to the concerts and performances - Sriram and Balaji, Marcus and Shrini for your support. Kudos to the Naadha Rasa ensemble for your dedication and hard work all through.Your commitment and love for Carnatic music is certainly infectious:)

On to Summer -- a summer filled with exciting times --warm weather, performances, workshops and more... Looking forward to it all - Here's to cherishing each moment.. take care !



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