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Photo by Raj V Rajan 

2022 - Live & Virtual

November 2022 - January 2023 Season Concerts in India:

































November 11, 2022, Lecture by Nirmala Rajasekar for the University of Minnesota, Dance Department, Minnesota, USA

November 10, 2022, Innova celebrates 40th anniversary, featuring Nirmala Rajasekar (3-time Innova artist and Chair of the American Composers Forum):

October 27, 2022, Lecture & Workshop by Smt. Nirmala Rajasekar and Thanjavur Sri K. Murugaboopathi at SOAS, University of London in London, UK 

October 22, 2022, Hertfordshire Chorus presents the world premiere of Sarojini with Nirmala Rajasekar (veena, voice), St Albans Cathedral, England, UK

Oct 17, 2022, Nirmala Rajasekar (voice) presents for the London Youth Choirs, London, UK

Oct 13, 2022, Nirmala Rajasekar (veena), Thanjavur K. Murugaboopathi (mridangam), and Gary Washington - The Urban Cellist (cello) perform at Niamos - Nia Theatre in Hulme, Manchester, UK. 

October 12, 2022, Smt Nirmala Rajasekar (veena) and Sri Thanjavur K. Murugaboopathi (mridangam) perform at Kommune, Sheffield, UK. 7 PM

October 2, 2022, Nirmala Rajasekar (veena) performs with ORA Singers at Hatfield House Chamber Festival, Hertfordshire, England, UK 

September 26, 2022 Waldorf University presents a concert by Nirmala Rajasekar (veena) and Thanjavur K. Murugaboopathi (mridangam), Forest City, IA

September 3, 2022 Melbourne Veena Festival performance by Vid. Nirmala Rajasekar (veena), Sri VVS Murari (violin), Sri Thanjavur K. Murugaboopathi (mridangam), Sri S.V. Ramani (ghatam). Melbourne, Australia. 

Available here: 

August - September, 2022 USA TOUR with Seven-Five: Portland, Seattle, Phoenix, San Jose, San Diego, Minneapolis. 

July 28, 2022, Mayo Clinic presents a program by Nirmala Rajasekar and Shruthi Rajasekar, Rochester, MN, USA

June 19, 2022, Camp Masala presents a Juneteenth program by the Naadharasa Ensemble, Northrop Auditorium, Minneapolis, MN, USA 

April 27, 2022, COMPAS program for 750 students at Anoka Middle School for the Performing Arts by Nirmala Rajasekar (veena, voice), V. Srinivasan (mridangam), and Shruthi Rajasekar (voice)

April 10, 2022, IFAASD presents Smt. Kalpakam Swaminathan Centenary Concert by Smt. Nirmala Rajasekar (veena), Sri Mysore Srikanth (violin), Sri Patri Satish Kumar (mridangam), and Sri Karthik Venkatraman (kanjira), San Diego, CA. 

April 3, 2022, LIVE: Coffee Concert at Lakeville Area Arts Center by Maithree:  Nirmala Rajasekar (veena), Michelle Kinney (cello), Pat O'Keefe (woodwinds), Tim O'Keefe (percussion), V. Srinivasan (mridangam), and Shruthi Rajasekar (keyboard, voice). 2 PM. 

March 11, 2022, COMPAS Teaching Artist Reflections with panelist Nirmala Rajasekar. 

March 8, 2022, Star Studios at Children's Hospital, Minneapolis; a concert by Smt. Nirmala Rajasekar (veena), Sri V. Srinivasan (mridangam), and the Naadha Rasa ensemble. 11 AM. 

March 4, 2022, LIVE: Coffee Concert at University of Wisconsin-River Falls by Maithree: Nirmala Rajasekar (veena), Michelle Kinney (cello), Pat O'Keefe (woodwinds), Tim O'Keefe (percussion), and Shruthi Rajasekar (keyboard, voice). 12 PM, Abbott Concert Hall. DETAILS HERE.

March 3, 2022, LIVE: University of Wisconsin-River Falls presents a concert of works by the 2020 Commissioned Composer Nirmala Rajasekar and composer Shruthi Rajasekar. Featuring the world premiere of "Elemental Spirit" by Nirmala Rajasekar, performed by the UWRF band.

March 1, 2022, Maha Shivratri concert: Sarvam Shivamayam by Vid. Smt. Nirmala Rajasekar (veena), Vid. Thanjavur Sri K Murugaboopathi (mridangam) Vid. Sri N. Guruprasad (ghatam), presented by Gayatri Fine Arts.

Feb 27, 2022, Saint Louis Indian Music Festival concert by Vid. Smt. Nirmala Rajasekar (veena) and Sri Sriram Iyer (mridangam), presented by Soorya Performing Arts. Livestream: 

Feb 21, 2022, LIVE: Maithree performs at Prescott High School, WI, with Nirmala Rajasekar (veena), Michelle Kinney (cello), Pat O'Keefe (woodwinds), Tim O'Keefe (percussion), and Shruthi Rajasekar (keyboard, voice). 7 PM. Supported by the St. Croix Valley Foundation. 

Nirmala Rajasekar Season 2022-2023 .jpg

2021 - Live & Virtual

Dec 2021-Feb 2022: Margazhi International Music & Dance Festival  

Dec 9, 2021 Doordarshan Recording by Vid. Smt. Nirmala Rajasekar

Dec 5, 2021 Vasudevachar House, Mysore concert by Vid. Smt. Nirmala Rajasekar

Dec 4, 2021 TSV Institutions, Mysore concert by Vid. Smt. Nirmala Rajasekar

Dec 3, 2021 Yathiraj Mutt Margazhi by Vid. Smt. Nirmala Rajasekar

Nov 13, 2021 Sugam Cultural & Heritage Event - Malaysia with panelist Vid. Smt. Nirmala Rajasekar

Oct 25, 2021 COMPAS presentation at Sawtooth Elementary School, Grand Marais, MN, USA by teaching artist Nirmala Rajasekar

Oct 12, 2021 Presentation for St. Olaf College class by guest lecturer Nirmala Rajasekar

Oct 6, 2021, Presentation for California Institute of the Arts (CalArts) class by guest lecturer Nirmala Rajasekar 

Oct 2, 2021, Workshop at Hanuman Temple, San Diego, CA by Smt. Nirmala Rajasekar

Oct 1, 2021, Saa Maa Arts LLC Competition Final judged by Vid. Smt. Nirmala Rajasekar

Sept 19, 2021, Bilaspur Swamigal Chathurmasya Online Concert by Vid. Smt. Nirmala Rajasekar (veena) and Vid. V. Srinivasan (mridangam):

Sept 4, 2021, VoKo final recording by Vid. Smt. Nirmala Rajasekar, made possible through support by New Music USA

Aug 28, 2021, Smt. Kalpakam Swaminathan Centenary Concert by Vid. Smt. Nirmala Rajasekar (veena), Vid. Thanjavur Sri K. Murugaboopathi (mridangam) and Vid. Sri S.V. Ramani (ghatam), presented by Dhvani India Performing Arts Society & SciArt Services’ kalA prashAlA. A fundraiser for She's the First:

Aug 14, 2021, Nirmala Rajasekar and Zeitgeist perform at the 6th Annual New Music Gathering, Live at Studio Z, St. Paul, USA. Livestream:

​June 7, 2021, St. Paul Highland Park High School residency by COMPAS Artist Nirmala Rajasekar

May 26, 2021 Smt. Durga Jasraj's Utsaah: Episode #278 feat. Vid. Smt. Nirmala Rajasekar (veena) and Vid. Thanjavur K. Murugaboopathi (mridangam)

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

May 22, 2021, Casual Conversations with Carnatic Cohorts with Vid. Smt. Nirmala Rajasekar

May 1, 2021, Dakota County Libraries: AAPI Experiences with COMPAS Artist Nirmala Rajasekar

April 14, 2021, Heartland Marimba interviews Nirmala Rajasekar

April 9, 2021, Madhuradhwani kutcheri by Smt. Nirmala Rajasekar (veena), Smt. Usha Rajagopal (violin), Thajavur Sri K. Murugaboopathi (mridangam), Sri S.V. Ramani (ghatam). Arkay Convention Center, Chennai. Live and livestreamed 

April 3, 2021, Indian Fine Arts Academy of San Diego presents "Journeying with the Saraswati Veena" by Smt. Nirmala Rajasekar

March 27, 2021, International Music Premier League presents Sansar Sangeet Utsav featuring Maithree: The Music of Friendship

March 22 & 23, 2021, University of Texas, San Antonio: World Music Class and Convocation Presentation by Nirmala Rajasekar

March 17, 2021, St Cloud State University, USA Saraswathi Veena presentation

March 14, 2021, Century Song on KFAI Radio with guest Nirmala Rajasekar

March 8, 2021, Sciartsrus interviews Smt. Nirmala Rajasekar for International Women's Day

March 7, 2021, Panippookkal Magazine Video interview with Kalaimamani Smt. Nirmala Rajasekar

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Feb 17, 2021, Gayathri Fine Arts 'Shri Gurave Namaha'  Thematic concert dedicated to the Guru.

Feb 11 2021, University of Ahmedabad, India 'Musical traditions of India'  5 to 6.30 pm 



Feb 5-7, 2021, First ever virtual 50-hour non-stop Akanda Gaanam - a tribute to Sri Thyagaraja (begins at 29.00)


Feb 2, 2021, Global Thyagaraja Aradhana by Saa Maa Arts LlC   (begins at 12.29)



January 9, 2021, Musings with Mahesh Vinayakaram presented by Vid. Mahesh Vinayakaram


January 5, 2021, Praarambh with Pt. Gaurav Mazumdar and Smt. Shruti Chaturlal: Celebrating Pt. Ravi Shankar and Pt. Chatur Lal

2020 - Live & Virtual

December 31, 2020, Carnatica and Sri Parthasarathy Sabha present Global Heritage Arts Fest: "Veena Gaanam" by Vid. Nirmala Rajasekar



December 14, 2020,  Melharmony Festival: Beethoven 250 / Dikshitar 245



November 25, 2020, University of Minnesota Online Lecture 



November 22, 2020, Princeton University Swara presentation with Shruthi Rajasekar



November 6, 2020, Zen Podcaster with Venki Mahadevan, Dubai: Episode 2



October 30, 2020, Zen Podcaster with Venki Mahadevan, Dubai: Episode 1



October 26, 2020, "Sa Pa Sa, the Carnatic Corner" Vijayadasami Special Interview: Part 1 by MN Bros

October 25, 2020, Sri Maha Periyava Manimandapam NJ, USA | Navarathri Vaibhavam, Nadha Samarpanam



October 20, 2020, "Uneven Measures" Roundtable on Gender Equity presented by the American Composers Forum and I Care If You Listen



October 16, 2020, Princeton University Glee Club presentation with Shruthi Rajasekar



October 15, 2020, Schubert Club Courtroom Concert Series presents Maithree: The Music of Friendship



October 13, 2020, St. Olaf College Online Lecture



October 6, 2020, Winona State University Online Lecture



October 3, 2020, International Veena Mahotsavam by Vid. Kannan Balakrishnan and Kalakendra Music and Dance 2020



September 29, 2020, 130th Celebrations of Sri Papanasam Sivan Day by Sivan Fine Arts Academy, Vid. Ashok Ramani



September 27, 2020, Concert for Charu-Shree Music Academy



September 26, 2020, Facebook Live Performance for Smt. Rajini Hariharan, Classical Series Concert


September 21, 2020, IMPL: "From our homes to yours" for World Peace Day, a presentation of Maithreem Bhajatha



September 20, 2020, UNESCO Center for Peace, New York and IMPL Live Event with Maithree: the Music of Friendship



September 11, 2020, All India Radio Concert


August 26, 2020, Ganesh Chaturthi Concert presented by Vid. Trichy Murali


July 26, 2020, GCMA Presents Paarambaryam Festival, a fundraiser concert for COVID-19 (Requires Subscription) 


July 9, 2020, ACF Looking Forward 2020: An Interview with the Co-Chairs of the Board of Directors of the American Composer Forum, Nirmala Rajasekar and Stephen Miles, in conversation with Vanessa Rose, CEO and President of ACF



June 28, 2020, Music India Dubai's 10th Anniversary Celebration Concert



June 14, 2020, "Rang-Tarang" IMSOM, IAM fundraiser for COVID-19 Concert



May 21, 2020, GPS & Friends: Episode 4 by VocalEssence featuring Nirmala Rajasekar and Shruthi Rajasekar


May 16, 2020, GPS & Friends: Special Performance at Quarantine From Reality (QFR) Show, Episode 59


May 10, 2020, Mathrudevobhava: Mother's Day Interview by Layyasaaram



April 29, 2020, University of Wisconsin, River Falls Special Presentation by Nirmala Rajasekar, 2020 Commissioned Composer



April 12, 2020, "Ragam Thanam Pallavi" for Global Digital Pallavi Darbar Series by Carnatica, Ragam Shanmukhapriya



April 11, 2020, Raaga Anubhava Club online event, Ragam Hamsanaadham

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