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September 2019

An exciting last few months one reason being the ascending of the sacred space of performance by Kum Samyukhtha Shankar who presented a vocal concert on Aug 18th 2019 in Chennai's Pethachi auditorium. She was blessed to have done so in the presence of many Mahavidwans and connoisseur in the audience including Chitraveena Shri Narasimhan, Nagai Shri Muralidharan and Cleveland Shri Sundaram. She had the good fortune to have the support of veteran vidwans Shri VVS Murari, Thanjavur Shri Murugaboothi and Ghatam Shri Karthick. After this concert, she came home to Maple Grove, Minnesota and sang another concert at the Nath Auditorium of the Hindu Society on September 2nd. As I reflect on my journey as a teacher on this lovely occasion, my gratitude to my parents and Gurus is foremost on my mind. All their gifts are what I am enjoying now with the Naadharasa Center for Music.

My own performance travels are taking me to various interesting experiences around the state and the country in the next few months As I leave for a bit of north Minnesota this next week coinciding with the wonderful Navarathri week, I will also go a bit easward to Syracuse University and then down south to Bentonville, Arkansas for performances before returning to homebase for a few more weeks of singing, playing and teaching before packing my bags for the next round of travels outside the country.

Celebrate the Arts this special Holiday season.

Love and Peace,



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