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November 2013

It has been a mixed bag these past few months. Returning after the tour of Australia and Singapore organized by Swara Laya Fine Arts Sydney and meeting some wonderful people in that part of the world was most rewarding. International world melody day veena day went off well celebrated by Naadha Rasa.

I remember with gratitude and affection my vocal Guru Shri TRS who was part of my life -whose passion will remain with us forever. His visit to Minnesota in 2004 is an evergreen memory.

Aradhana the 18th year event , Diwali at the Plymouth Library and Shruthi and Carnatic Idol season 3 semis and finals in Chicago were all part of these past weeks of musical activity. 'Sangam' a first time collaboration involving 22 musicians Cartnatic and western classical comes together on November 22 followed by the Namaste/Sláinte concert. Nov 24 brings us to a historical event: Swami Vivekandanda's visit 150 years ago to the First Unitarian Church on Mount Curve Minneapolis. I am happy to be involved with it all.

December in India - looking forward to the International music festival with some of my American friends and students. Hope you can join us.

Until the next time, stay warm, take care



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