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Looking ahead

It was a beautiful blessing to celebrate my Guru's centenary at Indian Fine Arts Academy San Diego's three-day festival from April 8-10, 2022. As I took the stage, I felt immense gratitude for the opportunity to share her most precious gift to me at an organization that has been creating waves in the world of music and dance for its dedication and passion for the arts. Kudos to IFAASD - happy 15th birthday!

In early spring and summer, I was part of events at Anoka Middle School for the Arts in the USA, GCMA Mid-year Festival in Chennai, and a unique July 4th American independence -75th year of Indian Independence (Indo-American Cultural celebration of music with participation from Naadha Rasa members who had travelled to Chennai).

Now, I'm looking ahead to the next round of concerts in the Twin Cities as well as online concerts for three venues: legendary virtuoso Emani Shankara Shastri Centenerary Celebrations, a special song tribute for my Guru's Centenrary Celebrations on August 15 at Arkay Convention Center (Chennai), and the 2022 Melbourne Veena Festival on September 3. Then, I'll be traveling across the USA as part of the Seven Five (75) thematic concerts. Do join us in August and September for a one-of-a-kind concert coming to a venue near you!

In October, I'll be touring the UK with my composer-daughter, Shruthi Rajasekar. First, I will premiere a new work with ORA Singers (director: Suzi Digby OBE) at Hatfield House on October 2nd, Gandhi Jayanthi:

Hatfield House, Marble Hall

Shruthi and I will again be collaborating on October 22 when I premiere her multi-genre creation "Sarojini" alongside the Hertfordshire Chorus (director: David Temple MBE) and London Orchestra da Camera at St. Albans Cathedral, a 900-seat hall that dates back to Norman times. This is a special concert honoring the 75th Anniversary of Indian Independence and the immense contributions of Indian freedom fighter and women's rights activist Sarojini Naidu:

Do stay tuned for the other UK events that I will be performing in, which will be on the upcoming events page. Until then, sending much love and music your way.

~ Your Friendly Neighborhood Vainika ~



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