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July 2019

'Veena Gaanam 2019' at the Cleveland Aradhana on April 22 2019 was an extraordinary event. For the first time in 43 years of the Aradhana such a concert featuring the veena with vocal was presented. As our team of 72 people from 9 states of the USA took to the stage to perform an hour of veena/vocal/mridangam music, our Gurus' Grace was felt. The nearly 30 veenas on stage stayed in shruthi for that one hour (a miracle in itself) and the performers sang and played their hearts out. Our deep gratitude to Shri VV Sundaram Mama for this great concept and for encouraging me to create this concert. Many thanks to Vidwans Shri Thanjavur Murugaboopathi Anna and Shri V.Srinivasan for working with our young mridangam players. Our gratitude goes out to all the eminent artists who came at 8 am that morning to bless the performers.

The year is moving fast with residencies (8 of them) and concerts in Dhvani Columbus, Indian Fine Arts Academy San Diego, Cleveland Aradhana, ' Summer Rain ' with Zeitgeist and performing in a special 1000 moon celebration event with Shruthi Rajasekar for the legendary Spider John Koerner at the world renowned Cedar Cultural Center. Looking ahead to travelling to India for concerts and a special event there. I will post more after I am back.Take care and have a wonderful summer everyone! Thank you for visiting!


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