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February 2013

The snow is on the ground, though very soon we will hear the birds chirping and welcome the buds and the green grass! I can't believe that my last post was in September, which seems long ago -- Winter was one fast whirlwind of activity. Season 2012 was quite a milestone with a concert at the Aradhana at Thapovanam of Swami Gnananda, primetime concerts at Chennai Sabhas, a National program of music recorded concert for Indian television Doordarshan National in the company of some of the best-known Indian musicians. It was an absolute treat to wrap up the visit to India with a residency at the American International School in New Delhi. I feel very blessed and very glad to have made it through it all. It is only possible because of His Blessings and Grace.

Now looking forward to the 'Melodies and Rhythms' project on a mission to take Carnatic music to wherever possible in Minnesota. First stop: St. Cloud, MN on March 5. Am eagerly waiting the double visit to Ohio CCMA, Columbus, OH in early March and Cleveland Aradhana later in the month with a stop in San Diego on March 24. 'Butterfly' travels to St John's University this month and April brings a trip to Houston, TX for the Spring Festival of the Classical Arts Society. It is also the month in which we premiere the exciting new collaboration 'Embracing the Beloved'; watch this space for more on this new work :) As always, the events page has more details.

Take care, everyone.

Until next time,



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