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Fall 2013

Another summer - the last weeks of August definitely of the Indian variety - is coming to a close. So much to share; so much to feel blessed about. The visits to Veenalayam, Toronto, Panchatantra workshops in Madison, Wisconsin and the veena and vocal workshops in California came close on the heels of the duet concert with veena/chitraveena, the Flint Hills International Festival, and the great honor of performing for Dr. Abdul Kalam in his maiden visit to the state of Minnesota. Before the blink of an eye appeared the Dikshidar day celebration, the intensive workshops for Naadharasa, and the Krishna Akhandam celebration. The once-in-every-few-years performance at the Minnesota State Fair is now over, and bags are being packed for the next tour: September 7 from Singapore onto Perth, Australia (September 8) and then for the next few weeks in the great down under.

When I began to study veena and Carnatic music at age 6 (thanks to my loving parents) -- I never gave a thought of what it would lead to and what the path would be. I now reflect and share my humble two cents: Follow your heart and your dream always, be prepared to work as much as you can with passion and dedication, and above all, have faith in the Universe.

As the clocks are reset in the fall season, recharge my friends and go on -- and may His blessings be with you all.

Until next time,



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