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December 2014

It's been six months since my last post and I am surprised... again!! Where has the time gone? Looking back - from a trip to India to Kumbakonam in the intense heat of the summer months of July and August for performances at the Wallajahpet Venkatramana Bhagavadhar Festival, recording for television channel 'Podigai', performing in 'Serene', Coimbatore, a trip up the Blue Mountains 'Nilgiris' with my children Neeraj and Shruthi and my parents to the picturesque Coonoor and Ooty, visiting my dear guru Sri Sitarama Sarma Sir-- Shruthi studying with him --all bringing back memories of my own classes with him, feeling excited and then all at once realizing that for sure time has flown by :) Wow! Then, admiring Subramanya Bharathi at Winona State University in September , to Navarathri and the celebrating of Sri Saraswathi, performing back-to-back performances at the Vedanta Society in Kansas and the Hindu Temple there in October, to moving onto an entirely new genre of music in November with our expressions in 'Summer Rain' with the wonderful musicians of Zeitgeist and the fantastic Shri Thanjavur Murugaboopathi from India, the Song of Wonder concert with David Harris and the Voices of Sepharad and wrapping up the month with presentations of "Melodies and Rhythms - the Art of Improvisation in Carnatic Music" at St Cloud, Minnesota and Minnetonka, Minnesota supported by the Minnesota State Arts Board's FATA.

Now bags packed and ready to travel to the world-famous Music Festival in Chennai, India. Happy Holidays! Enjoy the season in all its colors and this lovely world we live in.

My best wishes always - Until the next time, take care-



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