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April 2016

Thank you to all of you for your love and affection, for letting me know that you are with me on my journey via this blog. December, January and the first 10 days in February were spent in Chennai--It been been quite the experience. I never expected to be part of the relief efforts in such an involved manner. I believe my being in Chennai for this duration was definitely for many other reasons in addition to participating in the Season - personal and professional. Once again I am grateful to Him.

Back in the USA the year has begun with a short tour and concerts at the Laurie Porter concert series in Carleton College (Northfield, MN), Otterbein University and Dhvani (Columbus, Ohio), and the Hindu Temple in Dayton, Ohio with the the wonderful team of Shri VVS Murari, Shri Thanjavur Murugaboopathi and Shri Ravi Balasubramanyam in February and early March. Song of Wonder (with David Harris, Boopathi Anna, young Naadha Rasa performers Sowmya Murthy and Priya and the Voices of Sepharad ensemble) continued its run with performances at Concordia Moorhead University and the Rochester Civic Theater-- Come November this show will be presented at the historic Sheldon Theater in Red Wing, MN. March end took me to this year's Aradhana at Cleveland State University. I never cease to wonder at the energy of the amazing people who have put their hearts and passions into running this awesome 10-day event year after year... now for 39 years. It was an honor to perform as part of this event in the company of esteemed artists Shri Raghavendra Rao, Thanjavur Murugaboopathi and Shri Guruprasad in the presence of some of the finest practitioners and followers of this glorious art.

Princeton University's Swara inaugurated its performing season with a Jugal Bandhi concert with Pandit Ronu Majumdar on the bansuri and yours truly on the veena with Vidwan Thanjavur Murugaboopathi and Shri Samir Chatterjee. It was wonderful evening resonating with sounds of the beautiful Indian instruments in the haloed campus of this great University- Happy to be part of this...

Arriving back in Minneapolis thanks to planes and delays went straight from the airport to the gorgeous Basilica of St. Mary the venue of MCTC's Spirit and Soul event. What a gratifying feeling to be in the Church built in 1871 where the entire atmosphere is reminiscent of ancient times. Coming up in April and May performances in Dallas, TX, Green Bay, WI and Maithree (a new collaboration) at SV Temple Edina MN, a new album in the making....Stay tuned! Stay healthy! Stay happy! Take care



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